Home care made easy with Overbed Tables

Defianz Bed Table - Portable Stand with foldable legs

Overbed Tables – An inexpensive way to help loved ones.

Home care for an elderly or a loved one recovering from illness or surgery is not an easy task, especially if the person being attended wants to maintain a sense of personal independence. While your loved one may be dependent on you for some tasks you can help them get back their independence and health with a few inexpensive and affordable changes around the home.

Overbed Tables – Overbed tables are an inexpensive way to help loved ones help themselves. Over bed table acts as an invaluable medical assistive device for people with limited mobility and can be easily used in and around the house. An overbed table can be used for breakfast, reading, writing, solving puzzles, using laptop and doing many other things with comfort and ease.

Defianz Overbed Table

Defianz Height and Tilt Adjustable Table

Overbed Table for your convenience, comfort and health.

The overbed table by Defianz is an aesthetic and robust table designed with the users ability in mind. The Defianz overbed table offers both height and angle adjustments enabling the user to set the table at their personalized setting. Made of high quality hard wood work surface and aluminum base, the overbed table oozes quality and is sturdy enough to carry loads of up to 50 kilos. The lockable wheels makes it easy to carry the table in and around the house with ease. Use the overbed table over the chair, bed or sofa and its ready for use.

Defianz Bed Table

Defianz Adjustable Stand with foldable legs

Bed Table for home care and medical assistance.

An amazing quality bed table that can be used over the bed easily and is sturdy enough to let you do your work in peace.  Designed with foldable legs, the table folds flat and can be carried anywhere with ease. Made by Defianz, manufacturer of ergonomic products for improved living, the Defianz Bed Table helps in assisting the unwell or users tied to the bed. The bed table is ergonomically designed to offer multiple angles that enables the user to maintain healthy posture and prevents neck and back pain.


Defianz Desk Stand – Ergonomic Height and Angle Adjustable Laptop Stand

Healthy Computing, Healthy You – Convert your laptop into an ergonomic desktop with the Defianz Desk Stand. Ergonomically designed to promote healthy computing, this laptop stand comes with multi height and angle adjustments to prevent neck and back pain. Perfect all in one solution to your laptop woes, this laptop stand comes with inbuilt silent high performance fan to keep your laptop cool and also has 4USB port hub to keep you connected with multiple external USB devices.
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Defianz Desk Stand

Make computing healthy and stress free with #DefianzDeskStand. Ergonomically designed with multiple height and angle adjustments for your personalised setting. Corrects your posture and prevents neck, back and shoulder pain.
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Defianz Notebook Stand

Keeps your screen at the desired height and angle supporting your posture at the same time. In-built document holder helps read and type at the same time.
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Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360

Notepal Ergo 360 Notebook Cooler

Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Perfect accessory for you laptop. Dynamic enough to suit your mobile computing needs.

Cooler Master NotePal Ergo 360

Your wish for an All- in-one Laptop Stand now comes true with the Notepal Ergo 360 from Cooler master. With truly innovative and dynamic design that converts from a Laptop cooling stand to a lapdesk and even into your tablet stand.

360 Degree rotating Notebook Stand

Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Easy 360 degrees rotation for screen sharing.

360 Degree Rotation – Screen sharing was never this easy, the Notepal Ergo 360 provides a complete 360 degree swivel enabling you to share your screen with an easy glide.

Riser Notebook Stand

Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Get your perfect viewing experience everytime.

Multiple Height Settings – Back and Neck pain from prolong laptop use are now a thing of past. Notepal Ergo 360 is ergonomically designed to provide 3 height adjustments for your perfect viewing experience. It comes with a detachable height setting stand to raise your laptop to your personalised height setting.

Laptop Cooling Stand

Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Dual Fans for excellent laptop cooling.

Powerful Cooling – With silent yet powerful dual fans, the Notepal Ergo 360 dessipates hot air from your laptop and prevents it from over heating caused from prolong use.

Removable height adjustment stand

Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Easily detachable height setting stand


Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Remove the height setting stand and transform to a lapdesk

Transform into a Lapdesk and Tablet Stand  – Just remove the detachable height setting stand and it transforms into a Lapdesk. The Height Setting Stand converts to an angle adjustable tablet stand with its own lip to prevent your tablet from slipping while giving you the perfect viewing angle.

Portable Laptop Cooling Stand

Cooler Master Notepal Ergo 360 – Light weight and folds flat for easy carry on convenience.

Easily Portable – Weighing just below a kilo, the Notepal Ergo 360 is ergonomically designed to fold flat for easy portability. Carry it along and use it on the go.

A notebook cooler stand that transform into a Lapdesk and a Tablet stand. Convenience at your desk.

Ultimate Innovation in Notebook Cooler from Cooler Master

Versatile and Dynamic –  truly versatile, the Notepal Ergo 360 is the perfect companion for all your mobile computing gadgets. Designed for modern and high -tech you.

Height Adjustable Laptop Cart – VHRC Series Laptop Cart by GCX

Medical Laptop Cart

VHRC Series Laptop Cart – create the perfect sit stand workstation or a personal mobile workspace

VHRC Series Laptop Cart by GCX

Use it on manufacturing floors, clinical documentation labs, distribution centers, busy office or any other high activity areas and transform your workspace into a productive Sit Stand work environment.

The VHRC Series Laptop Cart enables you to customise the cart with multiple configurable options that suits you best.

Laptop Cart – Styleview SV40 by Ergotron


Ergotron SV40 – Ergonomic, Easy-to-maneuver, Secure, Height Adjustable and easily configurable Laptop cart

Ergotron StyleView Laptop Cart, non-powered, SV40

A laptop cart that serves all your’s and your computing gadget’s mobility needs whether you are in Healthcare, IT or even Procurement Industry. Designed by Ergotron as a Healthcare cart, the Styleview Laptop cart is lightweight, ergonomic, height adjustable, mobile and easy to maneuver.

iPad Stand with Stylus

iPad Stand with Stylus

Anti-slip, portable iPad stand with stylus for easy hands free viewing by Belkin

N360 Laptop Cooling Stand by Deepcool

N360 Laptop Cooling Stand by Deepcool

Perfect Laptop Riser with high performance cooling fan by Deepcool

Book Stand Pro by Defianz

Book Stand Pro by Defianz

Portable book stand with multi angle adjustments to make reading hands free, delightful and stress free.